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Louisville, KY 40204
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In 2000, SSP Instrumentation appointed Halmar Corporation as an authorized distributor for their product offering. We are now a leader in the market place for American manufactured, instrumentation quality tube fittings as alternatives to and compatible with Swagelok, Parker CPI™ and A-lok, and Hoke Gyrolok.

Also, as an authorized Parker Hannifin distributor, we fabricate hydraulic hose and tubing assemblies. Also available: pressure gauges, valves and actuators, quick couplers, metric tubing and adapters, o-rings, and hoses for air, water, oil and steam.

Halmar Corporation manufactures replacement parts for Powermaster boilers, originally produced by the Orr & Sembower Company. We also manufacture specialty refractory tiles and parts for other boilers.

Water Tube
Refractory Tiles
Electrodes, Gaskets,
and Housings
Burner Components,
Gaskets and Flexible
Hose Assemblies


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